First Post

It is definitely time I start my first blog. Just watched the bachelor finale. I would have picked Nick if i was the bachelorette. I give it 6 months before they are broken up. 🙂 😦 The new season of the bachelor in paradise is coming on this weekend that will be sweet.

I am going to a comiccon convention this weekend. I havent decided what my character is going to be yet. Ill work out the details later or pick out a costume that I already own. I have about 30 to choose from. It will be fun. If any hot guys are there I wouldn’t mind a quick hook-up :P. But seriously I am looking to have fun and maybe buy some comic book junk. Love Harley Quinn.

harley quinn

The other big news is I got a new winter jacket. It is summer still but whatever. It is a Canada Goose. Here is a review of the same one.

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